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Welcome to StanceMob! We are StanceMob, you are StanceMob. You being here means you are already a part of our journey! We love people, and we love anything that has a motor. We are constantly looking to push the boundaries and build some unforgettable cars. Meet some of our members below and come along for the ride.


Here are our Elites: 


Angela Kwok - Director

Ange is the woman behind the StanceMob movement, the one  we call StanceMom. She has a particular interest in custom bodywork and making her ideas come to life. She’s not afraid to think big, or try things that haven’t been done yet. Ange is most well known for her MMMWAA S14, and is currently building her 280zx.

Follow her journey on IG: @kwok_adoodlepoo


Dinesh Parsot

Dinesh is the engine guru of StanceMob. He works full time as an engine rebuilder where he has endless tools that help him and others chase more power. His passion lies being behind the wheel of his car, not limited to the long commute between cities but also on the track or on the pad. He is known within the mob as StanceDad, he’s always prepared. Always. With the car trailers, chilly bins and gazebo’s for a hot day and has all the tools we’ll ever need in the back of his car.

Follow his journey on IG: @thereal_dinseh


Dan Shepherd


 Dan is not hard to spot in his metallic blue wrapped Honda Accord Euro R. Dan works full time at Tag Signs in Wellington, owned by his dad, and specialises in vinyl wrapping. The most difficult car he’s wrapped to date was a Honda Jazz RS with complex curves and deep recesses. Aside from cars, he also competes in Velodrome cycling. If you get a chance to see him in person, make sure you check out those calves.

Follow his journey on IG: @_ezslay


Darren Gray


Darren is the previous owner of RU1NED WRX which has sadly passed - RIP. His current project is a bigger and better Subaru (of course). He has recently purchased another WRX STi but V7 Bugeyed. With a quick turnaround of 2 months from bone stock to how it was at Nationals 2018. Darren specialises in electrical work, where he works full time installing security cameras and alarms. He likes to build his cars to a theme, and it is never a predictable one. Darren also enjoys designing and being behind the camera in his free time.

Follow his journey on IG: @riseabovee_


Fergus Donald






Fergus has a smile that will melt your heart. He brings his track spec Toyota Levin previously known as MOIIST; the nasty plate we are all love but hate to say aloud. He is also the owner of a BMW E90 and previously owned a rare E30 Wagon and other large 4x4 for towies and off-roading. Ferg works as a car salesman and frequently gets the opportunity to drive luxury cars like Maserati, Mercedes AMG, and Porsche.

Follow his journey on IG: @fergusdonald


Jamie Benson







You can hear Jamie’s hearty laugh before he even enters the room. Jamie is currently the proud owner of Clifford, the red Honda Accord DVS SIR, which is no longer red! Clifford has now turned into Barney. This thing basically sits on the floor and runs static. Yes, you read that right. His builds are based off 2 major goals, to be as low as possible without running airbags, and to have the closest fitment which he has achieved. Long drives with friends and the laughs they bring is the best part of being involved with cars. Jamie has his eyes set on another low rider and is working hard to get his hands on it. Jamie spends his free time behind the camera, especially doing photoshoots of cars.

Follow his journey on IG: @_hoodratroyalty


Micah Fordyce

Micah is our in-house panel beater magician. He’s assisted in many of our big builds within Mob and has a passion for… His own Silvia S14 is immaculate...

Follow his journey on IG: @jayzee_kouki


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