Ryle Garcia VW R32

Euros or Japs? The age-old question. The source of many debates.


What do we have here? This curvy little creature. Oh, and there’s a VW too. This is Ryle. He’s a Euro kinda guy. His automotive obsession started with Hondas but quickly switched to European cars a few years ago, and he’s never looked back. Now he has a pocket rocket of a VW Golf R32.


This R32 had been on Ryle's bucket list for a while. It had everything he was looking for, right down to a kick-ass factory sound system. After a little searching, he knew he had found the right model. One with a 3.2L naturally aspirated engine and DSG gearbox, and it was worth the wait. The DSG gearbox shifts gears faster than you can say shit balls. Not your ordinary R32. He added a personal touch to his new get-up by chucking some Rotiforms on it, KPS to be exact. Coilovers and a foreign front lip took this R32 from standard to stand out.

We asked him what his favourite feature of the car was and he quickly pointed to the car’s exhaust. This particular VW sounds different from the rest. The tone of this thing is seriously one of a kind. The pure power and raspiness you hear when he puts his foot down allows you to experience every bit of the 3.2L engine in all its glory. But it’s also quiet enough for you to overlook while navigating the busy streets of Auckland. Combine all this with the fact its all-wheel drive, and it’s not hard to see why Ryle loves his car. He especially loves driving fast around corners, with the R32 having the best handling of all the cars he’s driven.

Since recently becoming a dad for the first time, Ryle wanted a car that would suit his age and lifestyle. A car that wouldn’t wake a sleeping baby, but could get to the supermarket for more nappies in record time. Something practical, but still fun to drive. He wanted his car to fly a little under the radar and not attract too much unwanted attention. It's all legal and certed, but don't let any of that fool you. Ryle's R32 will deliver when it needs to.


Ryle says he usually gets bored of cars after a while, but with his R32 it just hasn’t happened. Eventually, he'll take it to the tracks and really see what it can do. But for now, he'll just stick to taking corners a wee bit faster than recommended...