Andrew Gooding | 326 Power

Meet Andrew. Andrew loves fried chicken. Now meet Andrew’s s14. Check out them lows. Andrew loves his s14 - loves everything about it, except for one thing. It’s too low for the KFC drive-thru. Meaning Andrew can’t go for fried chicken runs in his Silvia. The things we sacrifice for the cars we love...


Driving in his car as he makes his way up his driveway will almost bring a tear to your eye. Not in the way you would think. The sound of your undercarriage being destroyed as you drive over gravel does something to your soul, but he doesn’t seem to mind.


For Andrew, getting into cars was pretty much a given. His whole family is into cars. From his dad who loves cars and collecting parts (and holding on to them for years..), to his three brothers with their Ford Escorts and track cars, right down to Andrew’s mum who can bleed your brakes and is always up for lending a hand.

While on a trip to Japan with his mates, Andrew found his dream body kit for an S14 he didn’t even have yet. He and his mates were bringing back a car they bought while over there, and loaded up the car with Andrew’s new body kit, wheels, and other bits and pieces to bring back home. The body kit was just too good to pass up. It is now Andrew’s favourite feature of his S14, and you can see why.


Most of what you see on Andrew’s s14 was actually taken from his donor car, a 180sx Silvia, which is not currently street legal. He wanted to take the engine from his 180 and put it into a shell which he could actually take out and drive. Along with the engine, he also took the drive train, arms, and the exhaust, which he modified to fit the s14. He still plans to fix up his 180 - but that’s going to need a lot more time, energy and money poured into it before it can even leave the shed.


Andrew has a love/hate relationship with working on cars. Things are always breaking - whether it’s the car itself, or you’re smashing knuckles while loosening bolts. Despite this, he still prefers to fabricate as much as he can on his cars and is currently mastering the art of welding.


With cars, Andrew likes the finer details, which is why he went for this body kit - 326 Power straight from Japan. And those wheels? You’re looking at Versalgios Work Wheels with 326 wheel nuts and caps. Not easy to come by.


While Andrew may be a quietly spoken kind of guy, his car definitely speaks for itself.